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Thread: Need new GPS; here's my choices

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    Default Need new GPS; here's my choices

    So I put the boat in the water today in Whittier and about 5 minutes out of the harbor the old (2001 garmin 2010) works intermittently, no signal from antenna, and it's hard wired into the data/power cable. Also the depth/contour lines don't show but I have a blue chart card that says "anchorage to Juneau". It shows land, rocks, the boats position when it wants to but not the depth lines I need.
    Sooooo to west marine and I have a choice in a garmin 740s plotter/sounder and a echo map 70S , both priced about the same, with internal antennas.
    The older 740 has an option for an external GPS antenna; the guy at west said he never heard of an internal GPS (as found on the 70s) not work well.
    What do you guys think? I like the idea of no antenna and it seems it should work fine on a 28' aluminum Koffler with an aft facing windshield plus the newer style and capabilities of the 70s seem attractive. There's room on the dash as removing the 2010 will open up some spaces.
    I already have a brand new furuno radar so really just need the GPS & sounder.

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    the 740s is a great gps - we love ours. IMO the external antenna adds extra level of accuracy and reliability and, thus, safety - easily worth the small cost.

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    The external antenna will lock on quicker as well.

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    That 740s will give you NMEA2000 capabilities if you want to network additional sensors etc, as well as let you use better transducers such as the airmar p66 dual frequency rather than the dual beam. I like the 740s, the 70s limits your features and additional capabilities.
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    Another vote for the 740S. Great little unit.
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    Went with the 740s and love the GPS. Got the external glonass antenna but haven't needed it nor installed it yet. The internal antenna and the g2 card seem fine so far. The sonar won't pick up the bottom once on step and that's gotta be remedied. I think it's the location as I also have a Lowrance sonar that behaves the same and they are mounted close together. The Lowrance behaves exactly the same before & after the garmin install so I don't think interference is an issue as much as location on transom (transom mount transducer).

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    hi jim...regardless of the gps model you choose,
    i would make sure it has the new russian sats on it!
    new garnin handheld for hunting and backup on the boat(etrex 20) has it and acts like WAAS does in the lower
    states!....acc to 9(2-3m) feet now in bc canada! would think the new models would have that new capability?!....anyway, in addition
    to my chartplotters that use the antenna I do have an older garmin chartplotter that's on the dash and its great too with just the internal antenna!! ...larry

    ps....shows up as GPS + Glonass on the etrex 20 sat screen--will post a pic!

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    the russion sats on the bottom! next to the house im getting 2 meters!!

    ps...I missed your line about the external glasnoss antenna--so I guess you know about it already!!

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    18' Wooldridge Sport with 200 hp sport jet. "...Little Pez..."


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