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    Default Free Ammo.....

    I am looking for an individual who owns a Ruger Alaskan SRH revolver in 44 Mag to test some ammo for me. I will be conducting a test with four different barrel length of the Ruger 44's. I have three Redhawks in 4", 5 1/2" and a borrowed 7 1/2" and I want to chronograph a series of loads using hard cast bullets, and make comparisons between the barrel lenghts. I will load a quantity of rounds and shoot five of each through the chronograph, from each of the four (if available) barrel lengths. Bullets will include Cast Performance, Beartooth and Dan's bull shop bullets. Bullet weights from 265 to 325 grains will be used with various charges of available powders.

    The lucky individual would need to be in the Fairbanks vicinity and will need to be willing to shoot approximately a 100 rounds through their revolver. This would give you a chance to see how each handload performs in your own gun and to find the best load for that particular barrel length. I will give a box of loads of your choice to take home after the test. The time and date can be of your own choosing evenings or weekends.

    Post or PM me if interested.
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    Default Better than Christmas

    Boy...This is better than Christmas!!

    Sorry, not in the Fairbanks area.


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