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Thread: griz baiting. A few questions

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    Default griz baiting. A few questions

    Just got back from a trip in 20E for griz over bait. Loved it learned alot but its different from blackies. will do it again next year as long as the program is going anyway....

    Heres my issues and maybe somebody can help me out. under the permit you are allowed about 10 stations and shoot as many as griz as you want through june 30. sounds good so far, but if they have a predator problem why so many restrictions like for instance, you can not shoot a blackie unless that station is also registered as a black bear station. you can not shoot a wolf over bait (wolf is a predator last I checked) and you cannot shoot sows with cubs (not my cup of tea, but this is a cull and not really hunting. they are still predators). SO IMO your hands are kinda tied on killing predators but at the same time its a any bull area??????

    In 2 weeks we seen alot of moose and caribou in the little valley we were in. 1 bull, about a dozen cows and about 4 calfs. alot of the cows looked really fat, so thats good.

    about 10 bulls get taken out of this area a year. I'm just confused about this whole thing. I'm not complaining, I just hope someone can explain it to me.

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    Just my theory:

    The guides complained there aren't enough big bull moose for their clients and blamed the grizz. So F&G came up with a plan to apease them.


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