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    I've contemplated putting in for the Koyukuk moose hunts for a while and now that we have two SeaArk Predators in the family, we are planning to put in for two sets of party permits this November. My question is, has anybody run the Predator on that trip, or know somebody that has? I'm curious how the boat handled the river. I've heard a few horror stories from guys in different types of boats that the Sport Jon's and Xtreme Shallows have issues with that run due to performance coming back up river with a load. I'd like to get some first hand feedback if possible.

    I'm running a 2008 20' and my dad just purchased a 2013 22' that he will pick up in the spring. I plan to send the impeller and sleeve off to get touched up before making the trip. Should I look at purchasing a different type of impeller and keep the old one as a back up instead? I'm not sure of the condition, and my boat runs like a champ as it is, but I think it is due since I've put it through several shallow water sand blastings over the years.

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    Have 2 trips under my belt now. One with a jet on a 150 Yamaha OB on my 24' SeaArk and one with a prop on it. Don't want to reveil my writeup with the prop yet but remember "4 times" extra carry capacity with a prop. You can do it in a jet but you "must" know your maximum carring capacity, allow for fuel and one moose. More than one plan on a transporter to Gelena. Either way, plan on flying out your meat from galena. Just makes better sense IMO.


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