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Thread: Slick Trick Broadheads

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    Default Slick Trick Broadheads

    I continue to be impressed with these broadheads. Tonight I drove one through a 6' black bear, standing up, 12-15 yards slightly up hill, and centerpunched her. She was a little off center so even though center shot in the front I hit a lung and exited the ribs on the way out. The arrow broke two ribs total and continued 20-25 more yards and buried into the hillside. The hole looked like she had been hit with a .44 magnum as you could take your finger and place it neatly right into the hole. 45-50 yards and she was done.

    Broadhead looks like new. Carbon Select arrow with inserts and my 70 pound BowTech has accounted for number four. I have never faced a black bear on the ground from that distance. Thank God my partner was backing me up from 30 yards behind with his stick bow. % -)

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    Took mine with a 125gr Slicktrick complete pass through stuck in ground, went through ribs in and out, double lunged, went about 100 yards. No visable damage to head.


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