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Thread: Thank you from Royal Wave

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    Default Thank you from Royal Wave

    We want to thank everyone who stopped by this year for helping us have the most successful year so far !!!
    It was great to see all the return customers and alot of first time customers this year !!!

    Thank you to those of you who came out and volunteered and helped us with projects,we appreciate the help and hope to have even more volunteers next year !!!

    Also a big thank you to those of you who gave us rides to town and back and who offered to bring us things we needed,we would not have had such a wonderful summer without all of you !!!

    Hope you all have a great winter and we hope to see you all again next year !!!

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    This was my first year getting your oysters, but we were able to stop in on four different occassions. Those are delicious little treats! We'll be back next year. Thanks, Art (f/v swimming eagle)
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