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Thread: best gun case for Polaris Sportsman

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    Default best gun case for Polaris Sportsman

    I tried to use the search function, as I'm sure this has been a topic before. Looking to add a gun case to the Sportsman 500. Buddy who has the same quad was disapointed in one of the Kolpin offerings. What are folks using?
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    They aren't perfect but I will keep using the gunboots from Kolpin. I usually ad a bungee or two to keep them from shaking all over the place but they get the job done. I have the tactical and a 5.0 but will probably go with the 6.0 in the future. My 5.0 survived a rollover off a 3' cut bank into Wasilla creek a few years ago and the rifle was undamaged. Luckily the kid.", wheeler and I were also unhurt.... Can't say the same for my cell phone or what was left if my arse after the boy told the story to his mom.


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