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    Thought I'd bring this up for awareness since we just went through it with our young Boykin. Returned from the field Sat. afternoon, by evening dog was favoring a paw - thought it was just a sore foot. Sun. morning paw was swollen and she couldn't put weight on. We used warm wet cloths on the paw. Sun. afternoon, an abscess formed between 2 toes. This morning, clean-out of abscess and antibiotics at the vet. Vet said sharp seeds from some types of grass will stick in a dog's hair and can be worked thru the skin, usually between toes or in the ear. Advice was to always check the dog for seeds in feet & ears when coming out of the field. Long-haired dogs such as spaniels are more prone to the problem. I had never heard of this in all the years around dogs in the field.

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    It can get up in their nose too. Foxtail grasses are almost as bad as porcupine quills.
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