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    Brother in Law flew into Old Habor from Kodiak Sat, fly fished silvers that afternoon, son inlaw arrived from Kodiak that afternoon for duck season opening on the 8th. Yesterday brother inlaw tagged out on does with help from son inlaw! The evening before the hunt I asked my brother what he expected from this hunt, cause, I never had him here for hunting. I mean we can hike up and tag out or we can just spot and stalk from the boat and troll for salmon and might not tag out. He said he wanted meat! So that meant we had to get out the hiking boots and packs. The plan was to go into a sheltered bay, drop anchor and start gaining elevation. just as we came off plane in our huntin area my son inlaw spotted some deer that I never did see, then just from the sound of the son inlaws voice I knew he spotted some real deer. I looked and sure enough 2 deer up at about 1000 feet, paying no attention to us. We dropped anchor and paddle ashore with a plan to get within range and fire! I watched the inlaws climb up and I heard shots then saw deer jump and when I caught up to them they were planning on photos, when I spotted another deer, and another 3 deer down before 10am
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    Nothing like a good meat hunt!
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    Nice! Nothin like fresh back straps on the Kingsford!


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