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Thread: Nikon N70 - what's it worth ?

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    Default Nikon N70 - what's it worth ?

    I have a Nikon N70 film camera. It has the standard 28-80mm lens, a Nikon ED 70-300mm lens, strap, and nice carrying case. My dad used to take wonderful pictures with it. It hasn't been used in years and so I'm thinking that I should sell it. I'm trying to get an idea of what it might be worth. It seems a shame that such an excellent piece of equipment doesn't get used because it's not digital. So, if you have an idea of what it might be worth I'd appreciate the input. Also, I wonder if the 70-300mm lens could be used on a digital Nikon? Thanks.

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    Some feedback for you...did a bit of checking on a few camera sites. Body (~30.00), 28-50mm manual focus lens (~60.00), 70-300mm f4-5.6 D ED lens, yes it can be used on digital Nikon cameras (~120-150).

    Frustrating part is the resell value of cameras and lenses are generally low...unless you have top end Nikkor lens. Most camera bodies, even the newer digital top end (like my Nikon D700) would not fetch a good, I end up stashing my older bodies and kit lenses.

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    Thank you for the reply - that helps.

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    I looked on eBay for completed auctions. It seems the N70 usually goes for about $10-20. Adding the 28-80 adds about $30. The 70-300 goes for about $70-90. If the lenses happen to be G series you could expect a lot more though. Some of the Nikon digital SLRs require G series lenses, especially the low end cameras. But others can use the pretty much any of the Nikon lenses.

    My experience is that using local (Anchorage) internet sales advertising, you can usually not get as good a price as eBay. Not always true though.


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