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Thread: calling all 24 osprey owners

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    Default calling all 24 osprey owners

    If you are an owner/past owner, or have familiarity with the boat can you PM me?
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    Find anything out? I've seen a few that have caught my eye..

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    About 2004 I bought a 24 foot Sea Sport Explorer and my buddy decided to buy a 24 Osprey, might of been the last year they were built. The Explorer was better finished and the interior was nicer. No doubt it was the best built of the two.
    The Osprey had a higher bow and seemed to cut through the waves better when the seas were bad. I would not hesitate to buy an Osprey if the price was right. They are a solid boat.
    Beware though, there is a 30 footer around that used to have twin 350's (gas). Talked to the owner once before he sold it off to a charter company and he said it burned something like 15 gallons per hour PER motor when cruising in the low 20's.

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    I had the 1997 24 longcabin model with 5.7 duoprop. PM me if you have any specific questions.


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