So its october and the lakes are starting to freeze, but not real hard. How are the pack raft type rafts holding up to the ice. Last year I went out in a cheap box store raft in the dark and when I hit the skim ice I chickened out. I Could break it with my paddle, but it still rubbed and I had a ways to go to get across the lake.
I notice some of the one person catarafts have a pontoon within an additional zip/velcro skin. I'm thinking that may be the way but didn't want to mess with a rowing frame If I didn't have to.
So if you had to deal with skim ice what would you use? Weight is a concern, but not sinking is a bigger concern. Do the high end pack rafts tolerate the ice? I'm open to any type of inflatable. Just want it to be manageable on a back pack and at a minimum be able to float 300 pounds no problem... 400 would be better.