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Thread: Wind driven rain.

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    Default Wind driven rain.

    Several years ago I added a large log addition on to my stick built home. I used old cedar power poles and had them turned, coped ,and notched in to "12" inch logs. I was told to use a "6" inch sill seal of foam between the logs and then used "14" log hog screws every few feet all around. In a recent rain storm we had we also had a high south wind that drove the rain up under the coped logs , past the sill seal and down the inside of the logs. Keep in mind that my logs were dead dry and I have had zero shrinkage since building five years ago . Short of chinking the entire addition, has any have an idea on how else to fix this? Also the wind normally blows from the west . Thanks ,Ron.

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    Chinking is the only way to go on this issue.
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