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Thread: New Delorme "inREACH SE" satallite texting/SOS/tracking

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    In my search for the latest information on Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) and Satellite phones for a long remote trip, I ran into the Delorme "inREACH SE" satellite device that has two way texting, SOS feature, tracking and a variety of other features. This SE model has only been out for a couple months. It primary difference over the previous model is that it has a small screen and can two way text without being connected to a Smart Phone. If it works, it has the "potential" for serving the purposes of a PLB and Satelitte phone for a remote trip. I have zero experience with this new device and would appreciate any information/recommendations any users of this latest version or the previous version have. Many thanks.

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    I stumbled upon the inReach SE when planning a Tok range sheep hunt this summer. After reading all I could on it, and talking with both the company and sales people, I thought it would fit the bill nicely. The cost was reasonable as well as the service packet I purchased. It was simple to setup / connect. I set various pre-set messages in my web-login user page, but still chose to interface it with my smart phone -- for ease.

    I played with it before we flew in and it seemed to work perfect. I could send out and customized messages. The service plan I opted for allowed a certain number of messages per month (40 I think) and they had to be under a certain character limit (cant remember off hand what the character limit was, but it was enough that you didn't feel too limited in your message). I will say that when sending the message, the character limiter counts down so you know how large of message you can send and have it only count as "1" towards your monthly limit, but when you receive a message, the sender must not be aware of the limit, as if they exceed the max, Delorme breaks the message into multiple messages which each count toward your monthly limit. Not a problem really, but something to keep in mind nonetheless.

    Also, it has the ability to ping your GPS position (up to intervals of every 10 minutes) so that others can watch your progress on a Facebook account or thru your Delorme account.

    When we flew into the TMA, the Delorme worked perfectly for the first 4 days. Each night we were able to communicate with our spouses and tell them of our day and they in turn were able to relate anything they cared to do as well. However, for some unknown reason, after hunting day 5, the Delorme just quit working. It wouldn't power on or anything. We had the ability to charge the device (solar) so set it up and charged it all of day 6 (not knowing what else to do with it), but that evening it still would not turn on. Frustrated with it, we gave up and made the best with what we were dealt. We were never in any trouble (thankfully) but our wives were worried (since we had been communicating reliably every night); so on day 7 they had the transporter check in on us.

    We tried turning it on multiple times after it quit, however something must have disconnected inside (at least that is my guess). We never dropped it off a cliff, slid down a hill, or whatever; so I'm not sure what caused it to fail. After returning home and calling Delorme and their customer help desk (which I have to say was pleasant to deal with and seemed genuinely concerned with the failure) they gave me instructions to send it in for replacement (or a full return) and refunded the service agreement.

    Even now, 6 weeks later, I'm still not sure if I would recommend the product. On one hand, it was working PERFECTLY for the first 4 or 5 days of the hunt; if it would have continued I would think of it as the next best thing to a Sat phone and GPS unit. On the other hand, it suffered a catastrophic failure (wouldn't turn on) for no apparent reason. Luckily we never had an emergency situation and it was just an inconvenience, but we were counting on this to be a key safety device that IF needed we could get emergency help quickly. Whether this was just a fluke or some inherent design flaw, only time and other users' experiences will tell. I'm cautiously optimistic -- as I chose to go with a replacement of the inReach instead of a full refund.

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    Right, I think at this point it's pretty clear that that it's a bad idea to bet your rescue on the low-cost tracking devices (SPOT, InReach). I tend to prefer the SPOTs because 1) you're just a lot less likely to have hardware failures when you've got fewer components, 2) can't repeat this one often enough: DISPOSABLE BATTERIES, and 3) related to the both previous points, I think the fancy display is a waste of power and likely to fail in unpleasant ways in very low temperatures (I run dogs).
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    I have been considering one of these as well, however last winter I was "tracking" a buddy when he was freighting material into a remote site via snowmachine. It was cold when they left the Parks highway, the temps continued to drop and they were breaking trail. It took nine hours to get to their destination. The next morning I checked and could see they headed back to get a broken machine ( the cookie trail showed where they had some unknown difficulty), anyway after awhile I could tell the spot was not moving or updating, temps were now -45....

    I started calling others to make a plan, we were close to calling MAST (?) or mobilizing our selves, which would have been many hours before we could have got to where they were. In the end they were all safe, some minor frostbite as they were all experienced and capable.....

    If they hadnt had a spot I would have been concerned but I wouldn't have prepared to go out looking for them.....I gave it a lot of thought, you cant ignore a non-moving spot when its -45, if it had been zero I wouldn't have been too concerned. At -45, If something had happened I would have felt pretty stupid saying "yeah I saw it wasn't moving and wondered what was up with that?"

    So sometimes low-buck technology is worse than none at all. We never did find out what happened and why it did what it did, I have other friends that have them and they have been reliable.

    On my last trip we had a spot tracker and a rented sat phone, a message was sent nightly from the spot to say "ALL OK", and the sat phone was there for a real emergency and I used it to make all the fuel connections at the Villages on the Yukon. (see long boat ride).

    Hard to beat a $1200.00 full duplex sat phone over a $120.00 gadget when it could mean your life or someone being worried sick and calling the Troopers because your spot isn't doing its thing........ Just my experience....and thoughts
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