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    My cabin sits on pillars so I have between 4' and 2' "crawl space" under it. I am wanting to close that space off to help with heating and keeping the cabin dry. Not a real problem per say but seems like a good idea. My question is about how to close it off without creating a situation where snow load or frost heave can/could cause a problem on the parts that close off the crawl space.

    What is recommended up here?

    Thanks in advance

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    If you enclose and insulate your crawlspace, frost heave should not be an long as it remains heated. If this is a weekend cabin, it might be advisable to create a "slip-joint" with two layers of rigid insulation, which can slide past each other as the ground pumps.
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    Thank you, I had not considered a slip joint. That is exactly what I was trying to come up with. The cabin is lived in year around so it will probably not be an issue but the risk is not worth it.

    Thanks again


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