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Thread: Homer kings

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    Default Homer kings

    Anybody been king fishing lately?
    looking at heading that way tues- wed.
    Not looking for your secret spot, just
    looking for any recent reports. Thxs.

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    Been good around Flat Is.

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    I have been trying to get out for the last 3 days and the water has been too rough. I live on the bluff 25 miles north of Homer and the wind is steady 23 mph and gusts of 30 mph. The water looks all white, not good.
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    Thxs for the feedback, was eyeballing
    the marine forecast,for what it's worth was looking
    pretty good for later in the week. If it's not too crappy
    probably give pogi or the whale's tail a try I guess.
    Anyway I'll post a report of some sort.

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    Flailed and failed Saturday and Sunday. Big rollers and a weary crew kept us close. Tried a tad short of Pt Pogi, the Islands, and out by Perderson Bay. A bunch of pollock and one 6inch salmon.

    Heard the boats that did travel further out caught fish. We just opted to stay close. Hopefully the weather cooperates soon!!!
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    Made it down and fished tues and wed,
    trolled from the bluffs to whales tail and back a couple
    times, 1 black bass and 1 pollock. Went to Pogi wed
    very nice day btw. Anyway managed to pick up 1 silver
    and 1 fat king about 25# no other bites all day.


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