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    I'm going to be entertaining some friends' relatives for a day next weekend and they'd really like to get out halibut fishing. Are there any areas out of Whittier from Perry Passage on in to the bay that are worth trying? I've only ever fished salmon out of Whittier... Thanks.

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    Default I'm in the same boat

    I am in that same boat as you man...
    If anybody has ANY advice at all to offer, please help us out. We really want to go out for a good time, but it's always more fun to catch fish!
    THanks so much, if you want to personally talk to me, please do!
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    I've heard that Ester rock is a good place. See lots of boats fishing there. Tried it a few times and never caught anything. The halibut I have caught between perry passage and wittier have all been less than 10lbs. Need to go further out for bigger fish IMO.

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    If you give me your email address, I'll send you info on a fairly popular chicken hole. It's not great fishing by any stretch, but I would be quite surprised if you ended the afternoon without a couple of 'buts in the box. You're also likely to haul up a wolf eel or two, which would give your guests a good story and some decent photos.

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    Default whittier info

    We always have good luck just off the bouy at the East End of Smith Island.
    A couple of years ago we caught a couple of nice size halibut
    (60 lbers.) in East Twin at Perry Island. There are some big rocks that stick out of the water near the end of the bay, we were not too far away from them. That was just a one time deal we have fished there a number of times since, but never had the luck we had that one time, but you never know. May be worth a try.
    We've also heard that people have had good luck at Ester Island, but we never had good luck there.
    Sometimes I think it is like my dad said, it just depends on how you are holding or mouth.

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    Do you know if anyone has had any luck fishing for kings off the shore at Whittier?


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