Significant Changes and Enhancements to Alaska Aviation Weather Unit (AAWU)
Text and Graphics Products on October 15, 2013
The Alaska Aviation Weather Unit is modernizing forecast operations to bring improvements in services to the aviation community. The changes in AAWU have been slowly evolving over the past few years and a significant jump in service enhancements will take place on October 15th 2013 starting at 1215PM. These enhancements are described in detail in this document.
Area Forecast and AIRMET issuance and update times
One major change is in the issuance times of Area Forecast and AIRMETs along with the addition of scheduled updates. The forecast will still be updated at other times as needed, but non-routine updates should occur less frequently with this new schedule. Table 1 shows the new issuance and update times for the Area Forecasts and AIRMETs.