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Thread: Fishing near Kenai in mid-June

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    Default Fishing near Kenai in mid-June

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the great information that is freely given out to those, such as myself, a first-time visitor to your great state. I have been lurking for several months trying to gather as much information as possible about fishing near Kenai in mid to late June.
    I belong to a church group that is coming to Nisiki on June 16th and leaving the 26th. Our group is scheduled to do some volunteer work on a roof for a local church in Nisiki. I plan on getting several half days of fishing in along with 2 charter trips. I plan on a Halibut trip from Homer, and a King salmon trip up the Kenai River. I have already shipped my poles to the church and have read a few books and articles about the region. I have a few questions and I hope you can provide some insight. I would like to fish the Kenai, Kasilof River and perhaps a couple of lakes.

    1. If you were near the Nisiki area, with a rental car, and had several days available to fish from shore: Where would you go?

    2. I know there are various regulations concerning the use of bait on certain waterways. What kind of “bait” would you use? I am bringing a fly rod and a spinning rod.

    3. I have some experience in various “combat fishing” areas in Erie PA (steelhead) and Point Breeze NY (salmon). What about those infamous “combat fishing areas? Are they worth an attempt? I’m sure I would have to arrive early in the morning.

    4. One person suggested I try the infamous “people’s hole”. Is that a viable option?

    5. Is bear spray

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    God bless,

    Larry Anthony

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    First of all, thanks for your service. You will no doubt be rewarded greatly, both here with an awesome visit to Alaska, but also in the future.

    Here are some answers to you questions:

    1. Nikiski is a short drive from most anywhere on the Kenai Peninsula. 2 hours to Homer or Seward, 30 minutes to Soldotna/Kenai River, 1 hour to Cooper Landing/Russian River... so the sky is the limit (probably 19 hours + of daylight as well when you are here).

    2. The Kasilof is open for bait, the Kenai is typically closed for bait, however there have been emergency orders given over the last couple of years that allow bait toward the end of June. All lakes are open for bait. Russian is closed (always) for bait.

    3. The Russian should be doing very well when you are here; and yet it is worth the experience. Not only will you catch fish, but probably see and experience bears and other wildlife. It could be a bit on the wierd side of things with the bears because they will be punked out with dyed fur!?!?!?!?

    4. People's hole is a viable option and is also a combat fishing area.

    5. Bear spray has its good points and its bad points... It's good when it works and no good when it doesn't. Wind is a serious consideration... if you are spraying upwind (which is typically when you encounter the bears), you will likely become cajun spiced for the bears... by the way, they like cajun!... and worse yet, you won't be able to see because your eyes will be producing way too much tears and your nose and mouth will be excreting as well.... All indications are that bear spray doesn't work with black bears at all.... So, you make the call. Best defense in bear country is stay aware of your surroundings, make lots of noise, never travel alone, slowly back away if you encounter a bear, let them have the fish if they want them, but don't encourage this (bears figured out that people are instant food dispensers, just growl and shazzam... instant meal). Keep a clean camp and so on....

    Sounds like you have some great plans and should have a great trip.


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