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Thread: In search of 13' Old Town Predator

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    Default In search of 13' Old Town Predator

    Does anyone know here I can find one? I have been to all the sporting good stores in Anchorage, and could not find one. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I almost bought the the same canoe, but got the 16 ft guide instead. You might check LL Bean, they sell that model, and shipping was around 80 bucks?? Don"t know about Alaska, but i"m sure your not the only one that has called them. Bill
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    Default canoe orders

    Shipping is a killer to alaska,, I have paid over 200 bucks to ship a canoe up here,,waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ,,,
    anyway,, you may want to go to the sportsman warehouse and ask for Pat. He is the Manager there and a great guy to help out..
    He may be able to price one out for you and have it shipped up on his next order of canoes and Kayaks.. this way you can save on shipping and get the boat you want.. if you are in a hurry though,, this won't work,,,
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    Default Old Town

    I wanted the same canoe, but was unable to locate one in anc. So, I bought a 13' Discovery instead. Its the same everything as the predator; minus camo and anchor. I love it. The perfect combo of portability, ruggedness, and load capacity.

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    They had a couple of the at The Sportsman Warehouse in Fairbanks last year. You can put your name on the waiting list.

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    Default Old Town Canoe

    Adfraiser, I live within a mile of Old Town Canoe, If I can be of any assistance, let me know.

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    Thanks for all the help guys. I really appreciate it. Maybe I will give Pat over at Sportsman's a holler. if that doesnt work, Ill check with you GaryD.

    Thank again, Andrew


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