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    What would you include in a lightweight first aid kit for a two week backpack hunt?

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    I would include some antibiotic, a little benedryl, some bandaids, blister protection, ibuprofen, vitamins, chapstik and some of that first aid glue.

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    Sorry Blackfoot, just riding along as I am looking for the same info. Maybe somebody has seen a good kit for sale commercially.

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    Default First Aid

    This is the list that I got when I asked the question on the Forum
    1. Pain medication: Oxycodone
    2. High potent antibotic
    3. suture and suture needle
    4. gauze
    5. tape
    6. latex gloves
    7. asprin
    8. bandaids
    9. butterflies
    10. ace bandage

    11. Quik-Clot
    12. clear 3" packing tape
    14. Tampons
    15. Super glue
    16. Athletic tape
    17. Paracord
    18. Surface antiseptic
    19. Chapstick
    20. Knife or Scissors

    21. Imodium
    22. unscented Sanitary Napkins
    23. mole skin
    24. alcohol pads
    25. Epi-pen
    26. Benadryl
    27. saline solution
    28. large syringe
    29. Claritin
    30. soft wax
    31. Sam Splint
    32. Mask
    33. Small light

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kusko View Post
    I would include some antibiotic, a little benedryl, some bandaids, blister protection, ibuprofen, vitamins, chapstik and some of that first aid glue.
    Don't forget that blister least some mole skin for the feet for sure.

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    Default First Aid

    Barko's list is pretty complete, but probably more than I would take on a backpack hunt. I just took a wilderness first aid class from Learn to Return. They recommended at the minimum some gauze pads, ace bandage, steri-strips and antiseptic. I couple tips: I carry iodine tablets for water purification, 10 tablets in a quart of water makes a good antiseptic. put a small pin hole in the corner of a ziplock baggie for a high pressure antiseptic wash for wounds. Sam splints are pretty cool, but the windscreen for my stove can be used the same way. Duct tape makes great blister protection. LTR recommended highly against trying to do any type of field suturing. They are other products like steri-strips and super glue that can do the same job without the invasivesness of sutures and the likelyhood of a nasty scar. (Although scars ARE cool). Quick clot-works, but there is a new product out that is much better. QC actually cauterizes the wound and will burn healthy tissue as well. Also very bad stuff if you breath the dust or get it in your eyes. The new stuff is effective and doesn't have the potential harmful side effects. Of course if your life is jeopardy from blood loss the quick clot is worth the risks.

    My emergency kit contains:
    pain meds (mostly since I am prone to kidney stones)
    tylenol for regular aches/pains
    assorted band-aids
    gauze pads (game bags could be cut up for these)
    ace bandage
    iodine tablets
    10 feet of duct tape
    25 feet para cord
    Waterproof matches
    Fire starter (cotton balls soaked in vasoline)
    10 feet fluorescent flagging
    small sharpening stone
    small folding knife
    sewing needle (for splinters, devil's club, etc.)


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