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Thread: Looking for information family deer hunt Kodiak in november

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    Default Looking for information family deer hunt Kodiak in november

    We are playing with the idea of a family deer hunt in late november, and I'm trying to get as much information as possible. Currently waiting to hear back from the biologist, but am hoping someone out there may have a few ideas.

    We will be a group of 8 (two families with 4 kids under the age of 9). All of us experienced hunters. Will likely be using rifles but are also bowhunters.
    Not interested in a 'guided' hunt.
    Looking primarily target deer but ducks and fishing is a bonus.

    1)Deer population and winter kill - is the population avereage/is the hunting this winter predicted to be 'reasonable'?
    2)Location and accomodations - are the public use cabins a reasonable option, or are those areas overhunted. We don't want to camp with tents that time of year as we will have the 4 young ones.
    3)Other possible locations/cabins for rent that should have reasonable opportunites.

    Open to all options with the caveat that we need to have a dry/warm place at the end of the day for the kids, our preference is to not stay at a lodge (i.e. do our own cooking,cleaning etc) - oh and trying to keep the price down.

    Anyone out there have ideas?

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    Contact Zachar Bay Lodge


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