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Thread: Nome Creek Valley, White Mountains

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    Default Nome Creek Valley, White Mountains

    Anyone ever ride the trails heading out of the nome creek valley up into the hills? I was in there a couple weeks ago and saw that the campsite down the right side of the valley had a permanent unloading dock and a trail going straight up over the hill. Worth it to check it out? I didn't have my quad at the time, darn the luck.

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    That's the Quartz Creek trail. I believe it is 13 miles long. There used to be a few mud holes back in there after topping out but BLM has put plastic interlocking mats down now to lessen the damage to the tundra. Interesting ride once you are past Champion Creek with granite tors sticking up. It is heavily hunted and I wouldn't expect to kill a moose in there anymore but fun ride. The rocks in Champion Creek can smack the bottom of your quad pretty well if you don't have good ground clearance. I used to ride a Kawasaki 400 and it used to get smacked around pretty good back in there because it didn't have too much clearance.


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