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Thread: Need help... RL450,RL460,RL445

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    Default Need help... RL450,RL460,RL445

    Hello everyone, I just started to bow hunt this year. I bought a 2011 PSE Evo in the spring and been practicing almost every day. I currently live in Eagle River, AK. and have picked up a few registration tags. one of them is the black bear up on the south fork of eagle river. I went there two weeks ago and walked 5 miles on Redezous Ridge where I got way up on these hills were all the berries are, glasses around for a while. I ran into a small brown bear but had to spook him off. ended up not seeing anything else the rest of the day. A week ago I went to the nature center were I had to hike past icicle creek. long story short, I didn't see any black bear the whole day. I tried getting high in the valleys and glassing around but nothing. A couple of days ago I decided to go to eklutna lake around 6 in the morning and see If I could get me a bull moose. I hiked 5 miles on the atv trail than hiked 2 miles on the bond ridge trail. I found some good amazing grassy fields where I started calling some cow calls. long story short. I didn't see anything or hear anything. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or if there is some type of technic I need to be trying. PLEASE help me a new hunter out with some good advice. I got the itch to get me a kill. Thanks for your time. Thinking about going out Wednesday the 25th.

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    The Eklutna Lake moose hunt tends to have very low success rates. If you're up there chasing a moose, carry a black bear harvest ticket in your pocket, as you're far more likely to come across a bear than a moose. Folks take them up there every year, but expecting a moose is not very realistic. As for the other two tags, bears are in there in good numbers - it's an issue of time. If you can find berries, you should find bears in these next few weeks. Take a tent up past Icicle and spend a few days in there - you should see bears. If you have the time, spend it up past Thunder Gorge. There are loads of bears in there and fewer hunters will take the time to go that far. Good luck!

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    RL450 is full of brown bears. I saw 7+ brown bears in 2 days. I don't think black bears like brown bears.

    TONS of brown bears....
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    Sounds like your hunting. I burned up a few setts of boots before I learned how to read a wt deer. I'm now on my second set trying to learn moose. That's in one season. You need time in the woods before during and after season. You said you found a grassy spot cool find 6 more and be at them before sun up and stay until after sun down.

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