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Thread: More thoughts on full curl

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    Default More thoughts on full curl

    My apologies for yet another sheep management thread but AZtoAK's thread got me thinking.

    What if....

    What if ADF&G managed sublegal rams using a quota similarly to registration permits and closed GMUs/subunits by emergency order once a certain number of sublegals were taken?

    I am NOT suggesting a registration hunt for any ram, but what if in the name of managing herd health F&G exercised an emergency closure of a GMU or subunit once a certain number of sublegals were taken?

    The PRO of such an idea (as I see it)
    -Managing for total ram harvest is more biologically sound

    The CON
    -Some hunters might be encouraged to hide or not report borderline sheep

    Your thoughts?
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    If sub full curl sheep were still not legal then I think it would be a good thing as it would keep sheep in a given unit at a higher overall population. Of course this would only apply to harvest or registration hunts. I don't see a negative. People that wouldn't report a sub legal harvested animal wouldn't do it anyways.



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