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    If anyone has some good advice for hunting black bears along the Big Su I would apperciate it. I drove the boat from Deshka Landing up to Montana Creek on Saturday and did'nt see a thing. I must admit that at any given time we only had one adult actually scoping real hard for bears...We could have missed some. I am trying to get my 11 year old his first bear. There was A-LOT of river bank! Should I go further up-river?

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    This early, most of the bear activity is below Alexander Creek. The first thing they do is to hit the smelt along the river bank. I would go downstream of Bell Island. Staying in the western channel is always a good bet.

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    something that often works for finding bear is to just shut'er down and drift down river late, after 10pm. The stretch from Deshka to Alexander can be really good.

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    Thanks guys...I have not tried to go down-stream for bears from Deshka Landing yet. I'll give it a shot!

    Regards, Daren


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