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Thread: Beating the wind

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    Default Beating the wind

    I have been busted on a handful of bear stalks so far this year. Some days it feels like the wind changes direction every other gust when I am up in the alpine. Does anyone have any tips on beating the wind up there in the mountains?

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    I alway smoke my pipe and bears don't worry about pipe smoke. Some bears even like the smell of my cherry,honey and anise mix tobacco and move toward me.
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    Beating the wind up in the alpine can be tough. I have found that during times when the weather is stable the wind will behave the same way, during the same time of day, in the same place, again and again until the weather pattern changes. So in one particular saddle the wind may blow south in the morning until 10 then change to a confused state of blowing back and forth for an hour or so, then blow north for the afternoon. This could carry on day after day until the general weather pattern changes in the area.

    I understand that there is a very limited scope of use for this but it may be useful at some point.

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