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Thread: when do the halibut return to cordova

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    Default when do the halibut return to cordova

    I was wondering this being my first yr in cordova when the halibut move back in they were here till ealy aug and poof over nite they disappeared. Talk to a local they said it happens every yr. Thanks for all your help born and raised interior guy so alot of this coastal stuff if new to me.

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    Since you are not getting any replys I will take a shot at it. I used to catch an occasional small halibut throughout the winter. They were few and far between. If I remember correctly the catch picks up in April.

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    The traveler halibut move through for about a two week period beginning around the first week in May. Those fish are traveling from the gulf into the sound and work their way up the channels and pass by Cordova a stone throw out from the harbor. I don't know about when they go back the other way. I was there late May and of course I "should have been here last week" is all I kept hearing, but story after story about 100-200 Halibut being caught just outside the harbor. What are you doing in Cordova all winter? What's it like? I think it's a really neat place. Visited it several times in my boat in summer. I looked into buying land but it was out of my price range. But still dreaming about it


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