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    Default Homer Jackpot Halibut Derbyfinal results

    Final results released today from the 2013 Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby. Press release follows. FYI, released fish back in 2014...


    The Homer Chamber of Commerce released complete results for its 2013 Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby today at a press conference at its Visitor Center.

    On Monday of this week, the Chamber released the names and prize amounts for the 29 tagged fish caught during the four-month derby. Twenty-eight of those tags were worth a total of $18000.

    The value of the 29th tagged fish was withheld all week while complete standings were tallied. Earlier this summer Monique Peters of Willow caught a little fish with a tag. When we spoke with her earlier this week and told her the tag was one of our big prizes, she asked what that meant. We told her we defined a big prize as one worth more than $10,000. She said: “For that little thing?” She told us that when she and her husband got the voicemail from the Chamber that she had won something, she told me: “We were going to be happy with t-shirts”. The Chamber flew Monique to Homer today to learn what her prize was: her little dinker of a fish was the Stanley Ford F150 prize, worth $30,000. She was very excited.

    In August an angler on a North Country Charters boat brought tagged halibut to our headquarters. The angler did not have a derby ticket but he brought it in anyway. When we checked the ticket number against the prize we discovered that this tag was for the GCI $50,000 tagged fish. So, the simple lesson we’d like to remind people is: Buy your derby ticket! Even little fish can win big.

    The 2013 Jackpot Halibut Derby winner is Gene Jones of Bellevue, Iowa. His 236.2-lb. was worth $21,281.50 and his photo on our Wall of Fame. David Bayes, driving the F/V Grand Aleutian, was awarded $2128.15, the Captain’s Prize, for being the skipper who put Gene on his winning fish. Kathy Rider of Central Charters won $1000 for selling Gene Jones his ticket.

    We had five Kids Prizes this year and drew names from just the registered young anglers, and they spit $1560. First place, worth $500, was won by Scout Pomeroy of Custer, WA; $400 to Jamin Vanorder of Burlington, Vermont; $300 to Justin Hornaday of Libertyville, IL; $200 to Will Maier of Boulder, CO, and $160 to Madeline Hawk of Honolulu, HI.

    The “Just For The Halibut” prize, a $5000 award for just buying a derby ticket was won by Kelsey Adams of Grass Lake, MI . This is a prize drawn from all derby tickets sold, and is a way to give the public at large a chance to be part of our derby. You don’t even have to fish to win this prize.

    The Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby is the longest running halibut derby, with the biggest payout in total prizes, in the state of Alaska. This is its 27th year. Our recent changes to the rules turned the focus away from the catching of large halibut in an effort to promote conservation of the resource.

    This year’s Jackpot Halibut Derby was a resounding success. The final count on tickets sold is 15,042. This is great because it means the changes we put in place a few years ago have kept the derby as popular as ever.

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    Hats off to all of you who worked so hard, not just on running the derby but in putting some sense into it!


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