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Thread: NEED help/advice for whittier fishing

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    Default NEED help/advice for whittier fishing

    Allright... So my family finallllllly got a boat last fall, its a 16' welded aluminum harbercraft with a full canvas and 50hp johnson. I am personally 14, my dad and i can handle the seas, but my mom was in a bad accident years ago and has a bad neck so im looking for an area within 2-7 miles of port that can provide chicken halibut ( or larger if possible), rockfish, salmon... anything. Looking for areas with max waves of 3 ft. I realize this is probably hard but I would appreciate some good advice from some fisherman, thanks!... Oh and try to keep it specific to this time of the year or into june
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    Well anywhere with calm seas is fine i guess........ just thought id remind people we're not in for anything huge just want some tasty flaky chickens

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    Not to many places to get halibut out of Whittier without traveling more than your up to. I would suggest not far out of Homer on a nice day. I have caught decent halibut within a couple miles of the harbor there before and I have heard people catch them off the end of the spit on occasion.

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    not many butts arount whitter, most successful boats go out towards montague, they can be had though. Lots of rock fish and salmon. For reds go to coghill, pinks anywhere, silvers, chums, and even kings can be found around granite bay. Before you go to a hatchery check this site getting through boats during an opening is dangerous and hard, plus if you break a guys net you will pay for it, we'd do it with 6 eyes and half speed and my boss had been setnetting for 20+ years.
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