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Thread: Some 416 Taylor load data, Float Pilot, mainer...

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    Default Some 416 Taylor load data, Float Pilot, mainer...

    Finally chrono'd my load. I based it on the A-square manual which lists 75.0 grains behind a 400 grain bullet (velocity of 2394 fps). That load was almost 10,000 psi under the max load for the belted magnum family (~55,000 psi). I loaded 76.0 grains of RL-15 behind a 350 grain Speer bullet and it got an average velocity of 2320 fps from my 22" barrel with CCI 250 mag primers. Excellent accuracy, reasonable recoil and no signs of high pressure. I want to work the load up closer, knowing A-square loads a 350 grain bullet up to 2500 fps. Someone on here thought I was up on the high pressure edge with 76 grains, but I think there's more room to work with. Anyways, thought I'd share this for anyone else with a 416 Taylor or anyone down south who scans this forums from the states. Keep in mind the cold weather. It was around 45-50 degrees when I chrono'd this. I had to move the chrono out further. The muzzle blast from the first two shots blew the plastic thing off of the chrono. Love my little thumper.
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    Get Steve at Ak Custom to run your loads through quickload. It'll give you an idea, and while not a pressure gun it'll be at least as good and most likely way better than someone on the Internet guessing.


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