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    Default Cordova INTEL!

    So I am super excited! Duck season has kicked off and although I have yet to kill my first limit in Alaska, I've brought home plenty of ducks and I called in and shwacked my first speck last weekend! Now I have scheduled my first ever trip to cordova! Its going to be me, my wife and buddy. (Really wish I could bring the dog...) We leave 28sept and come home on 10oct. The game plan is to get my wife and buddy their first big game animals and I just want 40mph cupped wings! I'll be bringing my 18ft jon with 27hp go devil and truck with so I'm hoping that (weather permitting) everyone will be heading home on the 10th tired and thoroughly satisfied. If any one is from around there or is gonna be down there round the same time please hit me up. I always have room in my blind for new friends. Also this will be our first goat hunt so if anyone has any tips we would love to hear them. IE- special gear, what not to bring, where not to go in said boat, and of course tips on hunting ducks, geese and goats in that area...ect
    Hope to see yawl out there

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    Be sure you give the bio in Cordova a call. Some of those registration goat hunts don't open as stated in the regs. Some may not open at all. The duck hunting should be awesome though. I believe a few forum members just returned from a duck/salmon trip there.. check the recent threads.
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    Yep, I was there for the opening of the season with my brothers and some good friends. The fishing was awesome, although that may have since waned, not sure. Everyone told us we were a couple/few weeks too early on the ducks, though, so you guys should be right on the money. Sounds like you guys have your stuff figured out a little better than we did, bringing a boat and all. The delta has a bunch of really good looking puddles all over the place, and several folks told us the streams and sloughs were the prime hunting grounds. If I were you, I would cruise the rivers and sloughs looking for the areas where the ducks stack up. Set up some decoys and see what you can get. You should have a great time. Best of luck, be safe, and happy hunting! -Gr
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    bring a rod, silvers should be full bore! and instep crampons for goats if you can go! Even without snow, a little freezing rain on grass, heck just wet grass they are nice worth their weight in gold! I know it hurt us not having them last year.

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    Check your PM at that other site.


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