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Thread: SHOTGUN Questions reference 28 ga. and .410

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    Default SHOTGUN Questions reference 28 ga. and .410

    What is the max shot load for each........????

    Does anyone offer slugs in 28 ga. ???

    Thank you for any assistance.

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    Winchester loaded 1 oz 28 gauge shells at one time. Dunno if they still do, but I have half a dozen boxes squirreled away for pheasants. They pattern really well from both my 28's, and it's nice to keep 3 or 4 shells in a pocket for days when the birds are flushing a little wild.

    Long, long ago I recall seeing a listing some 3/4 oz 410 loads from one of the European companies. No recent sightings, and I certainly never saw them for sale.

    Haven't seen any 28 gauge slugs, but I haven't been looking.

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    I haven't seen anything 28 gauge around Kenai. The elderly gentleman at Brown Bear guns MAY have something, he's got a lot of older stuff, ammo wise.

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    1 oz is pretty much it in the 28ga and 3/4 oz is about all you'll get in a 3" .410

    Be aware that heavy shot charges in the small gauges tend to "string" and not produce the best patterns or results on flying game... the 3" 3/4oz .410 is one of the worst for stringing out there.

    Brenneke produces slugs in the 28ga as do some other European firms and .410 slugs are commonly available from domestic makers.
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    Brownbear, I have been looking after I posted the question and they do make a 28 guage slug it is 5/8 oz. & it appears that a 1 oz. load of shot is max in the 28 guage. thanks for the reply.


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