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    looking at going to the situk this year, any suggestions when in the spring to go, and also camping vs lodging and do you need to rent a drift boat/ or raft?

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    Well they upgraded the camp ground up at 9 mile and its pretty nice, it even has bathrooms! You could check it out on bob's blog. My brother in law had a pretty good exsperience with Glacier Bear Lodge on a spring package deal. As far as a boat I like to play it by ear when I get there becauce it all depends where the fish are and there are useally plenty of boats around in to rent. There can be a gaint "deadzone" in there middle Situk where the fish dont hold, when that happens, fish are in hiking range and you dont need a boat, becareful hiking on the lower river there is a lot of private land right next to the boat ramp thats shut down now. If its your first time I would get a boat just to see the river, fish and camp. You"ll have a good time. prime dates are from April 15-May 15.


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