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    Do many people fish from rafts on the Kasilof?

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    I've seen people on Large cataraft's and small one man jobs, mostly during Red Salmon fishing in June.
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    I watched a guy last year on a one man pontoon hook a few kings on the kasilof he had a rod holder on it and when he hooked the fish he would try to paddle over to shore and fight it from there. I watched him lose 2 trying to get to shore wile the fish was peeling line the 3rd one he hooked he finally landed pretty funny to watch him struggle to get to shore and fight the fish and try to paddle himself to shore with one hand. It eventually worked for him though. I was drifting right above him and the 2 others in my boat were practically on the floor they were laughing so hard.

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    I see a raft out there once in a while... it works fine for fishing on the anchor, but just make sure you don't park in the middle of a good hole because most of the drift boats will be rowing and backtrolling through the holes. there are several spots that are out of the way for you to anchor, or at least park at the top of the hole so that others can drop in behind you.

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