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Thread: duck ID chart?

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    Default duck ID chart?

    Need a good one, I cant seem to find one we shot yesterday. I'm not much of a duck guy, though I got back into it this year mostly due to bad timing/weather on the bigger hunts. Found a lake loaded yesterday, had a blast, but couldn't ID some of them.

    Black bill, kind of an olivebrown head with a white spot right at the cheek. Thought a wigeon but now I'm doubting that. I'm guessing a female.
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    Lesser scaup - Either a hen or a hatch year bird. Nice shooting!

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    i would say a young ring bill. the bill doesnt look big enough to be a blue bill.
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    I'm still leaning towards lesser scaup. The flight feathers of ring-necks are all tan, not white, while this bird had white on the secondary feathers (flight feathers close to the body on the wing). Also, young ring-necks rarely have much white on their face, while scaup almost always do.

    Either way, very tasty!

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    well I looked at the carcass today and thought maybe golden eye....thought bluebills all had blue bills lol, again I'm about as green of a waterfowler as they come ha. But its definatly a scaup after looking at pics! Thanks!!! The first time I saw bluebills was 20 years ago in northern the balls that would be coming down from Canada! we were on upper red and they'd be coming hard, never could get close to them let alone shoot at one! Asked Dad and he nailed it right off the bat and I doubted that (no blue bill lol) I should have known better. First greater I saw was here in the interior a couple years ago, man are they huge. Told him man I think I saw a bluebill on steroids, he just laughed!

    Is there a good Alaska chart out there? Never realized how hard they were to judge with summer plumage. Even tougher flying lol.

    I will say they like jerk rigs and a wigeon hen call! made a jerk rig with a 5lb dumbbell 5 or so feet of 550 cord and another 6-8 feet of 1/4 or so inch stretch cord. Put loops on one end of the 550 and both ends of the stretch cord so you can disassemble quick. Run some main line, tie loops and clip in on the decks...worked like a champ. Heard a wigeon (I think lol), and copied it on a hen mallard call. Turned just about all the flocks to us. Was a blast!


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