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Thread: Ship creek fish pics/videos- And your fishing reports

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    Default Ship creek fish pics/videos- And your fishing reports

    Making this thread because my previous thread was about lifetime ship creek experinces. This thread is strictly a photo/video album Of any year youve had at ship. Just tell the year ( Hopefully 07 ) ...... upload fish pics, rigs, how the creek looks, and gettin busted by troopers...... anything you got IS VERY APPRECIATED... if you read this post a reply... take 5 mins off and show and tell

    Also the this thread will be an ongoing fishing report page for ONLY 2007.... Please do not get off the subject just state how the fishing was in detail, if you caught/saw anything get caught/ water quality/... etc etc
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    Default Ship Creek Kings

    Caught these two May 1, 2007... YEAH RIGHT! Try June of 05', the bigger is 35lbs. and smaller is close to 20lbs. if I remember correctly. In 04' I pulled out a 43, thats my highlight. Don't fish much there anymore for the same reasons as everyone else.

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    Nice pics... they look tastey keep the reports/photos comin


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