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Thread: Anyone have details on this incident (FoxNews)?

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    Default Anyone have details on this incident (FoxNews)?

    I'm not looking to stir up a hornet's nest, assess blame, point fingers, et cetera... I'm just purely interested in the ballistics of the situation, so to speak. Does anyone know the chambering of the gun (e.g., .416 Remington Magnum) that fired the first shot; angle of the shot; distance; bullet used (e.g., 400-grain Barnes TSX)?

    Bear, black or brown, is my favorite game to hunt, hence my questions. Again, I'm *not* looking to start a "so-and-so should/shouldn't have done ____" thread.



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    My internet search has only the same version you've posted an no followup on the bear itself. Until that bear hide is hanging, I suppose the one question I would have is "Where was it hit?" A guided hunter would not be under-gunned but could take the marginal shot.

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    I heard 300 mag at just over 300 yds.
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    In all my years I never ever allowed a hunter to go in and help dig out a wounded animal.


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