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    Default Made it!

    Got here two weeks ago. Living in Palmer for now. This place is more awesome than I could have imagined! Pretty much missed moose season but too busy getting settled in anyway. About three more weeks until my stuff gets here so I've got time to explore. Found the brewery already. Been up part of the trail on Lazy Mountain - if ever there was a deceptive name! Saw a mama moose and her baby on the road coming back. Picked some blueberries up on hatchers pass yesterday. Kayaked from Finger Lake down to the park on Wasilla Lake today. Lots of red salmon in the creeks joining the lakes. Are the red ones any good to eat or just fun to catch?

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    No kidding about Lazy Mountain - there's nothing lazy at all about that climb!

    As for the salmon, once they're red like that, they're no good to eat. Leave them be and let them spawn - try to catch the bright silver ones next summer.

    Welcome home!


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