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    Hey all was just up the Chena to check out the gorgeous fall colors. Colors were great and weather today (sunday) was awesome minus the morning frost. Fishing was not very good. I caught a real nice one (16in pic coming soon) but that was it. I was up at mile 45 where I have had luck in the past but have never fished up that far this late. I know they migrate back "down-river" and perhaps the bulk of them are already out of the system but figured I might ask where ya'll have had luck for grayling this time of year in/near fairbanks. We are doing one final trip in the camper next weekend and would like for a bit more productivity in the water then this weekend.

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    I've found very nice fish quite far upstream of that this late in previous years, but the river's up a bit right now and that may be having an impact. I haven't been out for about 10 days because I just got back from out of town. To be honest I've found the fishing is better both upstream and downstream of 45 most of the time but maybe you've found a better spot than I've been able to. But it's getting to be the time of year where you're going to do a lot better with weighted stuff (nymphs, possibly streamers) than you are fishing higher in the water column, and with the fish starting to move you need to move, too, until you find them. Walking the river a bit can have a big payoff.

    But yeah, it's happening! 28F this morning in Two Rivers. Fly fishing may be just about done but it's a short time until dog mushing, ice fishing, snow machining, ...
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