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    We'll be in Kodiak on Tuesday. It looks like it may not be raining much while we are there. If the lack of rain keeps the silvers from moving into the streams, what's our best way to find & catch some?

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    Move away from the river mouths and take the shot off your line. The only time fish coming into the rivers is an issue is when the flossing brigade lines up shoulder to shoulder. There's still lots more fish upriver and in the ocean.

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    Head out to pasagshak. Back in 2010 when there was no rain, the rivers were skinny, still managed my limits. Its flossing but that's your choice.
    If I'm correct, you can't head up river of the bridges, with the exception of the Buskin until the 16th. I would not hesitate heading to the mouths and casting in the salt, might find some cruisers.

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    you have skinned the cat and will make it through the eye of the needle

    rain is over / rivers are clear / clear weather is forecast / and the silvers are in

    my favorite area is wading up river past the Russian River bridge; you will slay them with eggs; stay frisky; a sow and her two cubs are around; I also do well with spinners immediately below above the Salonie Creek bridge

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