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Thread: Catching hypocrites (yes that's the title)

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    Default Catching hypocrites (yes that's the title)

    Saw this rather provocative article on another BB. Thought I would share.

    I didn't write this article, I didn't create the title. But I'm sure I will be dodging bullets....

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    Not sure what the intended point is? Some fishermen are illegal polluters, and "dropout" is inherent to fishing with nets, therefore we should allow the Pebble mine to destroy the fishery? Pretty ill conceived and poorly written article.
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    Remember two wrongs do not make a right. Also, it is not hypocritical to fish legally and have drop outs - just like catch and release mortality or hooking mortality- and be opposed to a mine that may threaten the long term stability of the resource. Drop outs are not a threat to the resource if management is to escapement goals. It is just lost economic return to commercial fisherman. It has social and economic impacts but not biological like the Pebble Mine. So I guess I agree this article is not very well thought.

    Relative to pollution there are existing laws to cover those issues and to try and put a label on a whole industry for some lawbreakers is just not a correct thing to do.

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    Red face Duh . . . . .

    The article is, well . . silly.

    All harvest of the earth's resources engenders some degree of waste.

    Who knew . . . . .

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    Seeing how that article didn't really make much sense, I went to google and typed in "M.D. Kittle Pebble Mine"

    Was not surprised at the results. Pebble Partnership should be, if they aren't already <grin> ... paying him.

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    This is a philosophy I cannot understand. Obviously there are dropouts in commercial gear. The number of ghost fish that can accumulate in rips in BB is a testament to the magnitude of fish that return there. Nice job documenting a worst-case scenario. When fish needlessly die without spawning in our rivers we call it "marine derived nutrients", right?

    Comparing the relatively low amount if waste and relatively low environmental impact of the sustainable harvest of salmon to the potential environmental disaster that could accompany a poorly planned or poorly regulated mine of this size is r@tarded.

    I get being pro-environmental conservation. I get being pro-economic development. I understand supporting the responsible harvest of our natural resources. But the anti-commercial fishing / pro pebble mine philosophy is by far the hardest to understand. What a twisted logic. But, as this work of art shows, it's out there. Heck, the KRSA board chairman has lobbied for pebble!


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