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Thread: my boys(and mine;)) intro to gardening

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    Default my boys(and mine;)) intro to gardening

    So I am from a concrete jungle so never really gardened.. So this spring my son(3yo) wanted to plant some veggies after seeing my wife plant some flowers... Being a supporting dad I ran down to the box store and let him pick out a few seeds and a little kit thing.. Then I let him do all the work planting and watering the seeds,mean while dad had to build him a cedar garden box.. Well he kept up on it and I think it was a successful harvest.. He is a proud little man and I am proud of him and he even enjoyed eating the veggies... here is a few pics

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    No pictures, but you have given him a gift that will entertain him for life! Right on. }:>
    Live life and love it
    Love life and live it


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