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Thread: Kings in Willow or Montana

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    Default Kings in Willow or Montana

    Has anyone had any luck in either Willow or Montana creeks yet?


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    Went to willow thursday night and fishing was fairly good people were pulling them in about 1-2 every 5 minutes. I did see a lot of smaller ones pulled in than usual. It was low tide though when I was there.

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    Default willow? sheep creek!!!!!!

    Hey guys,

    just to let you know the fish were in this weekend caught 5 kings kept the big one. good luck, i think the all the mouths up north are all good by now.

    good casting......

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuntingAK
    It was low tide though when I was there.
    I didn't know there was a tide influence all the way to Willow? that must of been one hell of a high tide there. Did you catch any flounders on that tide, or dig any clams the following low?

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    Talking Tidal Wave

    Way to funny!

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    Just got back from 5 hours at the mouth of Willow....nothing..nada...zilch. Saw 2 get caught around the fish cleaning table. Slow fishing to say the least.

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    Haha, yeah the tide does not go up that far..


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