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Thread: Game Processing North Pole Might be a Sticky

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    Default Game Processing North Pole Might be a Sticky

    Hope I don't offend the Moderator on this one.

    Found out their is a gent now in North Pole processing Wild Game Not in the phone book does not have a web address however I have had a couple of people talk highly about the quality of work they are getting from the place. Frozen Frontier Wild Game Processing owners name is Rocky and when I called they do by appointment only. Hope this does not seem like an advertisement not my intent. Just a lot of people ask where can they get their harvest processed and I normally say the place in Delta Junction.

    So I stopped over the other day and picked up some pamphlets for my rental clients. No thrills place, pricing is fair and the place was clean.

    Their Phone number is 907-488-9726.

    Hope I did not break any forum rules on this one just sharing data and can't think of another way to do it.

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    Is this the home run operation on bradway ? If so he did some stuff for me last year that turned out great.

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    Recommendation for good businesses are allowed from what I have seen. Bad mouthing, even if true, seems to be a problem
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