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Thread: Goldielocks and the Three AIRE's (or, Shopping for my Wife's IK).

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    Question Goldielocks and the Three AIRE's (or, Shopping for my Wife's IK).

    Goldielocks has been test paddling some inflatable kayaks over the summer, trying to find one that is "just right":

    First, she rented a Super Lynx and paddled it across Mirror Lake. It tracked well, especially with the aluminum skeg installed, and gave a dry ride. Not from waves, because there were none. But, from any water coming in through the self bailing holes. The floor was so high, with relatively small 11" diameter side tubes, that she felt like she was sitting on top of the boat, instead of inside of it. Except for very flat water, this kayak was too hard!

    Next, she rented an Outfitter-2 and paddled it down Eagle River. It didn't track very well, even though she moved and adjusted the seats & load positions. It also gave a pretty wet ride. Not from the rapids, because, they were only class 1-2. But, from the water pouring in through the self bailing holes, under her seat. The bottom was so low, and the big 12.5" side tubes came up so far under her arms, that she felt like she was sinking, even while floating along. Unless, she always wears her new Kokatat Gore-Tex paddling suit, this kayak was too soft!

    Goldielocks wishes that she could test a Lynx-2, but, it isn't available in AR&K's rental fleet. She wonders if it might track better than the O-2, and if it's 11.5" tubes and not so deep floor, might suit her "just right"? (And if an aluminum skeg could be added for flat water?)

    Any suggestions before she gets bored with IK's, and settles down for a long Winter's nap?

    Thanx, Dave.
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    Your welcome to borrow my Saturn Fishing Kayak and try it. Kurt


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