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Thread: Talley Ho boys!

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    Default Talley Ho boys!

    (Excuse the poor pictures) Feeling the rut coming on?
    Lemonwood/purpleheart/bamboo 69 1/2" 56ish#@27" for those interested. Doug fir shafts courtesy of a 2x4 from SBS in ER. Wonder how long its been since a bull moose was taken with a lemonwood English longbow? I hope to answer that in a week or two! Good luck and shoot straight!
    Anchorage-20130909-00070.jpg Anchorage-20130909-00071.jpg

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    thats some robinhood stuff right there, whats your comfort zone with a bow like that? 40 yards?

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    40yards would be a little out of my comfort range even with my Widow. The bow would do it but I think its more fun to snuggle with them before the shot.

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    thats almost to perdy to hunt with....might need a little "red" on it ...

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    did you make that? A couple guys here at home are trying to get me to go traditional, but I don't feel I have the time right now that it takes to dedicate to become proficient enough to shoot.

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    Yes I made it. Shooting traditional is personal thing. Anyone can do it but it has to come from personal desire. You have to want it and never except defeat. At times you will amaze yourself at how accurate you shoot and then other times you can't hit the bull in the ***** with a base fiddle. The key is to practice regularly and only take a shot in your comfort zone....and never ever start building them or you'll never shoot one bow long enough to get really good.


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