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    Just a note on the results of the 5th Annual Jim Creek Cleanup that the ATV Club sponsored last Saturday. 387 people showed up to help out (387 actually signed in, there were more than that there) and collected 3 40 yard Dumpsters (estimated 8.5 tons) full of trash. Commisioner of Public Safety Walt Monegan and State Rep. Bill SToltze were there to check out the efforts and helped us out on the grill for the BBQ after everyone was done trash picking. Local businesses donated over $9000 towards the effort, between Door Prizes and food for the BBQ. Walmart donated Porta-Potties and a bunch of gift cards. All in all, it says that local businesses recognize the importance of keeping motorized access a viable option for Alaskans.
    There was an accompanying effort to dispose of the junk cars between the bridges and the glacier. Premier Earthworks and Miller Enterprises donated loaders, dump trucks and drivers to haul off the wrecks. Other people brought out their buggies and 4X4s to drag some of the cars "way back in there" out to where the heavy equipment could reach them. The buggies were bringing cars in from past Wolf Point. In all 17 carcasses were disposed of as well as assorted large chunks of unidentifiable scrap metal.
    This year for the first time I had people tell me that it was tough to find enough trash to get a full bag. I saw people working way back off the trails all over the area. 5 years ago on our first Cleanup the 60 of us never got over a 1/4 mile from the parking area and collected 14 tons of trash. So every year we have more people, who have to go farther to get lesser amounts of trash. There will always be people using the area who won't pick up their trash, to semi-paraphrase PT Barnum "There is an idiot born every minute". No one is anticipating ever stopping the cleanups but they are having a great effect. We are winning the war on trash at Jim Creek.
    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.

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    Thumbs up Great job.

    I'd have rather been there instead of up here in the still frozen north.

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    GoodJob! Only way to win the battle is to clean up other peoples messes. Too bad Saturday nite and sunday the shooters were busy leaving more shootup trash right before JC and at 3 campsites before the flats the campers pulled out leaving an unbelievable amout of their trash. Bozos.

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    Mike, you and your team do an unbelievable job coordinating that whole effort. It was my first year out there helping out and look forward to doing it again next year. It really was alot of fun seeing all the folks, kids, and machines. So thanks to you and I'll be looking forward to a phone call next year about how we can help out!! EricL

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    Default Things are looking up

    I am encouraged by the less trash each year, and seeing everyone go further to find it. The cleanups are getting to be more fun, riding beats raking any day! None of it would be happening without all the people that come out, and without all the companies that pitch in we couldn't get the people. I think the Knik River Public Use Area Management plan and the enforcement will cut down on the "Bozos" or at least their trashing of the area. Saturday evening as I was crossing the Knik River bridge I saw 2 truckloads of kids and pallets heading towards Butte. The Management Planning team is looking seriously at making any fires NOT of natural firewood a ticketable violation. I hope they make it anyone caught within 50 feet of a "Un-natural fueled" fire. We will have to see how that goes.
    Thanks EricL
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    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.


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