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Thread: Spring Kenai Penninsula Brown Bear registration hunt

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    Default Spring Kenai Penninsula Brown Bear registration hunt

    OK, I know this is a little early, since spring is a ways away, but better now then last minute. I am planning (God willing) to come up to Alaska next year and am wondering if anyone would be willing to share their spring bait stand, assuming they still have registration hunts available. I am a hard worker and willing to pull my own wait. I wasn't sure the best way to ask in fear of offending someone, but I thought it best to come right out and state my question then to beat around the bush. I was up in Alaska two years ago, but did not connect with a black bear. I prefer to bowhunt, but would use my rifle if needed. I would appreciate any thoughts, ideas, comments, concerns, leads, pretty much anything. Just thought I would put this out there, if there was someone willing and able to share.

    Thanks for understanding.


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    Tim, you mention brown bear in your title - if you're a non-resident, you have to be with a registered guide to hunt brown bears. Folks here can be as generous as they'd like with their bait stands, but it would remain illegal for you without a guide.

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    You are right, I just looked and it said Alaska residents only (registration), missed that the first time. Thanks for the clarification. Would anyone be willing to share a black bear bait station? I probably know the answer, but can't hurt to ask.


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