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Thread: how to get started?

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    Default how to get started?

    The gold bug has found me but I dont know how or where to start? I looked at some metal detectors and they range in price from a few hundred to over 50k, wow!! Whats the difference?

    Using pans and different types of boxes seems pretty easy IF you know where to look and how to work your tools.

    Can someone recommend a "how to" book or video?

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    Not a book or video but free help on detectors at if you are new units in the $500 - $800 range give you the best bang for the buck and can be readily resold if it turns out to not hold your interest. Metal detecting for gold is far more challenging than most people envision when getting into it.

    Best book you can get is "Fists Full of Gold" by Chris Ralph if you are halfway serious about it. It pretty much covers everything there is to know.


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